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The Lazy Landlord’s Guide To Preparing A Property

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Once you have chosen the letting agent you wish to use and are proceeding with them to let you property, the next thing to think about is getting the property ready for marketing and viewings.

I have put together a few helpful key points to help maximise the potential of your property.

Before those all-important property particulars are done

• First impressions count - what does the front of the property look like? Does it give the impression of a neat, well-maintained property? Remember, especially if you plan to have a ‘To Let’ board outside, people will look at the front of your property first and you will only have a few seconds to capture their interest. If a property has kerb appeal viewers are automatically more positive when looking around, if the property doesn’t present well from the outside their mood will dampen and potentially be less likely to spot all those great features the property has to offer

• Neaten and tidy – trim the hedges, cut the grass, clear leaves, neaten borders, fix broken gates or gutters, give areas a fresh coat of paint where needed etc. to make sure your property looks presentable

• Are you currently living at the property? If not it is useful to visit regularly, not only for security reasons but to also tidy up any mail that could be piling up inside the front door and to open the windows to air the property

• Ensure the rooms have working lights bulbs and are therefore well lit and uncluttered

• Complete any of those outstanding DIY jobs like a door sticking or squeaking

• Repaint any bright walls with a neutral colour

• Replace any warn or old flooring – a neutral colour but hard wearing is ideal

• Allow plenty of time before a photographer arrives to take images of the property so that you can make sure it is as presentable as possible. This is the chance to get as much interest as possible with high quality images when your property is looking its best

Before a viewing –

The most important element of viewings, is to prepare your property thoroughly.

• Make sure the front of the property is presentable and shows that the property is well maintained

• Presentation is everything, so before each viewing check the property is clean, tidy, well aired and well lit

• Serious potential tenants will want to see every room and may want to look in built-in wardrobes and cupboards, such as under the stairs, to see what storage space is available. It's advisable to make sure they are as neat and tidy as they can be and nothing will fall out

• Will your letting agent accompany the viewings? It is important to agree who will be conducting the viewings - lettings agents are experts and know how to get a property let, saving you time and money. You can also provide the lettings agent with a key to your property so that they can conduct viewings if you are out or unavailable

• If the weather is cold, it is advisable to put the heating on prior to any viewings so the property is warm, comfortable and inviting

• Does the letting agent have everything they need for the viewing, including access information and alarm codes?

If you found this article helpful you may enjoy last weeks titled “What every landlord ought to know when selecting an agent”. If you need any help, please feel free to contact me using the details provided below.




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