• Katie

Know Your Market

What I mean by this is what type of tenants are you trying to attract? Are you looking for a single couple who are just starting out on the property ladder, a family, do you have individual rooms that you are aiming at working professionals or students? Once you know the demographic you are trying to attract you are able to photograph the property in accordance to what they will find important and also tailor your property details pointing out your properties highlights which will match their needs and desires.

Depending on who you are looking to attract to your property will also determine if the property should be furnished or unfurnished. Rooms for students and working professionals will 100% be expecting rooms to be furnished and all bills included in the rent. Individual entire properties boil down to your target market. A young couple starting out won’t necessarily have furniture so a sofa and basic bedroom furniture will come in handy for them starting out.

Pop back tomorrow where we explain how you establish the correct rent for your specific property and stop the property being priced out of the market.

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