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Is The Property Market Back Open?

Following yesterdays announcement the government have lifted some of the restrictions on house moves meaning estate and letting agents can start to process those expected 46,000 house transactions that have been placed on hold. I'm hoping this doesn't mean all offices will open overnight!!

As a Landlord, we know this will be exciting news because that means viewings can be done and a new set of tenants can be found. If you are going to go out there and start viewings PLEASE be careful, I have popped a few top tips below to help you stay safe and stick to the new legislation.


🏡1 person per household to view the property.

🏡Recommend children don't attend the viewing.

🏡Create a questionnaire to ask potential viewer and current tenant about Covid-19 symptoms, get this completed on the day of the viewing. This detail can then be deleted from your record once the viewing has been completed.

🏡Clean down surfaces, light switches, door handles etc after each viewing.

🏡Wash your hands or use a sanitiser.

🏡Clean keys after use.

Right to Rent checks

📝These can still be done virtually via Facetime, Zoom etc. until the Home Office release further updates to go back to the normal face-to-face process.

Move Out

📦Ideally leave 3 days between tenants moving out to tenants moving in, to kill any virus traces on surfaces.

📦Covid-19 clean - if tenants that have vacated have had Covid-19 and you have proof of this you can TRY to claim, from the deposit, for a surface clean/antibacterial clean of surfaces and door handles and such to prevent the spread of the virus.


🛠Maintenance work can now start to go ahead with caution if tenants allow access.

🛠Property visits can be carried out as general visits to the property instead of virtual, if tenants allow access.

🛠Gas and electric checks are still to be done in line with the landlords responsibilities, if access is allowed by tenants.

🛠Any refused access for work needs to be documented.

🛠As with viewings get the contractor and the tenant to complete a Covid-19 questionnaire upon the day of the visit to the property to protect all parties.

NOTE: Around 60% of tenants are refusing access due to the fear of spreading or catching Covid-19 or are currently self isolating. Harassing a tenant to give access is a criminal offence.


📃The three month notice period when serving notice (section 21) still currently stands.

The government have made it extremely clear that vulnerable and people who are self-isolating need to be treated with caution and care.

New government legislation 👉🏽Click here

As and when the government release further updates I shall let you know.

Take care and stay safe.

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