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How To Prepare Your Property for Marketing Photos

What photos are needed

When renting or even selling a home photos are very important. You need to think what’s important to the tenants the property will attract and what rooms they want to see first to entice them to view the property. For example if it’s a family home, the tenants will be interested in knowing the outside space that’s available with the property as well as the kitchen/downstairs living space. Don’t leave any rooms out if you can avoid it. Leaving a room out makes people suspicious something is wrong that you want to hide, that doesn’t mean you need to photograph ever nook and cranny of the property.

Video tour?

Video tours were something some agents were doing but since the Coronavirus pandemic it’s something all agents have embraced. They can be simply done using an iPhone and an editing app. A video tour is a great tool to make sure viewers are serious before an in person viewing takes place.   

What equipment do I need?

For the photos ideally a DSLR camera with a fish eye lens which will enable you to get the full room in the one picture, this will save you having to take several pictures from different angles to give a full picture of the room. The only equipment you need for the video tour is an iPhone, a steady hand and an editing app, iPhones come with iMovies built in which is an editing option, ther are lots out there so pick what’s best for you.

How to get the best picture

There are several tips to taking the best photos

l Turn all the lights on in the room, open curtains and blinds. In the kitchen turn on under counter lights, extractor light and side lights in bedrooms.

l Check surroundings, e.g toilet seat down, washing up in the background, bed unmade, toys scattered all over the floor etc.

l Take a few tester pictures and see which angle of the room looks best, once you have the correct angle then take a few pictures at body height and from up high looking down on the room. You can decide later which option looks best.

Quality over quantity is best and remember to take pictures of the rooms that will apply to your targeted tenants. They don’t want to see 4 pictures of the lounge or 30 overall pictures. A few pictures to give a taster is ample.

Top tips to prepare your property

First impressions matter. Remember people will form an opinion of a property based on the photos online before even stepping inside.

A prospective property must be clean, well presented and clutter-free. If it looks untidy and unkempt in photos, people will assume that:

l It will be even grottier in real life and need some serious bleaching and scrubbing.

l The owner is lax on maintenance, and all sorts of unforeseen faults and repair work could be needed.

Here are some top tips to prepare your property for a marketing photo shoot.

Declutter and de-personalise People want to see the property, not your personal items, so don’t leave last nights washing up out even if it is clean. No drying of clothes inside or outside the property, no one needs to see your smalls. Remove all those small bits laying around that you ignore day to day like phone chargers in the sockets, remote controls, magazines, shoes and coats in the hall.

Lights, camera, action Open all curtains or blinds to let as much light in as possible.

Kitchen revamp Clear all the work surface and dining room table from your eve4ry day hustle and bustle, so that stack of letters on the side, laptop and papers on the dining table need to be cleared away.

All cleaning products, tea towels, oven gloves, big kitchen accessories need to be cleared away and that includes the dogs bowl. If you are still a fan of fridge magnets I’m afraid they need to be cleared off. .

One bowl that can stay though is the fruit bowl, just make sure you fill it with fresh fruit.

Bathroom spruce up All those bottle ring marks, limescale to the taps and mould to the sealant need to be removed. Any on show bottles, soaps, toothbrushes, towels and matts needs to be cleared from the room, including any dressing gowns or pj’s that get hung on the back of the bathroom door. A big one people forget, PLEASE put the toilet seat down and remove the toilet brush.

Bedroom face lift You want to go for bright and airy so go with a neutral bed linen, and avoid deep reds, purple or browns. If you have personal photos in the bedroom or slippers etc. Please pop these away. Same goes for any exercise equipment that you may have in the bedroom, remove this for the time being.

Children’s bedrooms Pack away any clothes and toys lying around as well as remove any items that feature your children’s names and or photographs.

Living areas Hide away and magazines, newspapers etc. That you may have lying around. If you’ve been using the lounge as your office space too clear all signs of work papers and laptops. Place remote controls away, they can look clunky in photos. Make sure the TV is switched off.

Front of house/first impressions count Cut the grass and any hedges/bushes. Remove weeds and bins and invest in a few pot plants to add colour. Make sure any border/fence is straight and neat looking.

If you have a driveway, don’t park your car on it.

And if you’re on good terms with your neighbours ask them (nicely) to move their vehicle too, a wide-angle lens will most possibly pick up their car too.

Gardens or courtyards As with the front, get rid of weeds, leaves and any junk that is lying around.

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