• Katie

How To Achieve The Best Possible Price

Before advertising, photographs and looking at comparable property's close by, take a walk around the property. Do any of the below area’s need attention?

  • Is there lots of picture hook holes that need filling?

  • Could the property do with a fresh coat of paint?

  • Is the carpet starting to wear in high traffic areas?

  • Does the grass need cutting, weeding and generally tidying?

  • Do fences need repairing/replacing?

  • Is there general maintenance that you have just been living with?

Stand outside the property and look at its curb appeal. Is the front garden tidy, is the paved area weed free and not breaking up, are the flowers dying, is the fence straight or in need of painting, does the gate shut, are windows and soffits clean? You want to give the best first impression. If you show you care for the property, it will rent easier and quicker and the tenants are more inclined to look after the property during the tenancy.

If you are looking to achieve the best possible price for your property you need to make sure it’s presenting to a high standard.

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