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Do You Put The Onus on Your Tenants to Report Maintenance

Upon chatting to a friend the other day we were discussing how reliant we have all become upon Zoom or FaceTime since the lockdown and I happened to mention that I was using Zoom to now carry out property inspections. She mention her property isn't looked after by an agent but directly by he Landlord who hasn't checked the property for at least 4 year! I asked her how this made her feel, she said honoured that she feels the Landlord doesn't need to keep an eye on them but also a massive amount of pressure to report maintenance. She said she doesn't know if she should report all little minor bits like loose handles, paint chipping or a minor crack etc which don't bother her at all. She doesn't wish her Landlord to think she moaning about petty little things and wanting them all sorted. These are the sort of little bits that can be noted on an inspection every 6-9 months and monitored without the onus being on the tenants.

Most landlord insurance policy will have a set timescale on when the property needs to be inspected by either the landlord them self or the letting agent.

Breaching these timescales could make your insurance invalid!

I ran though with her how I do an inspection and she said she would be very happy to allow her landlord in every 6-9 months and relieve the pressure off her in regards to reporting maintenance. On the property visit she can show the landlord the minor bits which they can monitor together which aren't necessary needing to be done right now.

When was the last time you did a property inspection?

Have you checked your insurance to see what timescale they ask you to do a visit?

Has it ever occurred to you that your tenants could be leaving your property to fall into disrepair because they are worried to report maintenance?

Take the onus away from the tenants and book a property visit in accordance with the timescale set by your insurer. The visit will take 10 minutes and give you and your tenant peace of mind.

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