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Advantages of Renting

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Renting vs buying is always a matter that gets debated and doesn’t have a clear answer. Many feel buying a property is better than renting, often many associate renting with throwing away money, there are some instances that do suggest the opposite. Some advantages for renting are as follows:

Fixed Rental Price

Rental price is guaranteed for the agreed span of the fixed term tenancy, meaning it’s easier to budget your money.


No hefty deposit you need to find when buying a property, therefore financially renters are better off.


When renting, all the repair and maintenance costs are the responsibility of the landlord, relieving you of any financial stress when for example a pie should burst.


Renters contents insurance is cheaper than what home owners need to pay – saving you a bit of extra money each month.


When you purchase a property you look to live in that property for a minimum of 2-5 years, normally depending on the term of the mortgage. With renting you have the flexibility of moving when needs be if circumstances are to change suddenly; bearing in mind the first 6 months terms of the tenancy has passed.

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