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Can't Afford The Rent, What Should I Do?

With the most expensive time of year coming up rent isn't always at the top of everyones priority list, meaning rent arrears are higher at this time of year than any other!

If you suspect or know that you aren’t able to pay the full rental amount when it’s due, communicate with the landlord, communicate with the agent and let them know. Explain the situation and work together for a realistic timescale when the outstanding arrears can be paid and cleared. Burying your head in the sand won’t mean it won’t go unnoticed. Everyone is human, even your landlord or agent, everyone experiences financial difficulty at some point, as long as those are communicated people do tend to want to help.

If you decide not to pay the rent and buy Christmas presents instead, you could be running the risk of being served with notice on top of Christmas! Be smart, budget and always communicate. Communication is key!

If struggling to pay your rent isn’t just a once a year worry, maybe a more in-depth at circumstances and finances is needed.

Some idea’s on how to reduce your rent:

  • Move to an area just outside or town or the popular estate, rents are generally cheaper

  • Do you need a ‘guest room’ or could you downsize

  • Are you entitled to any housing support

  • Do you need an expensive new build property, is there a cheaper older that could do with a freshen up via new carpets and fresh decor. Some landlords will let tenants carry out modernisation work within a property and offer them a lower rent as a thank you. Make sure calculations are done so you won’t be worse off and all work is detailed in writing

If paying the rent is a monthly struggle please do communicate with your landlord or agent, as long as a situation is fully explained most will help. An agreed payment plan can be put into place to clear those arrears until such a time where things become more stable.

I do hope the above has been helpful and if you do have any questions please do get in contact with me.

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